Subject: Re: Back from Iran
Hi Covadonga,

I met some woman solo traveller in Iran. Iran is believed be the safest midest country for woman too. They had to wear a scarf and long sleeve cloths. Anyway, they are really tolerant with tourists.

Cova, if you are interested in, I have a woman friend living in Venice that was in Iran, travelling solo, just few week before me and she will happy to answer your questions. If you like, just send me a private message and I'll give you her e_mail.

Ciao, Marco in Milan -Italy

>During the last couple of years I have heard people raving from their Iran
>trip, but most of the time they have been men. I am interested to know if
>you have met women travellers, and to see how easy or difficult it could
>be to travel there, as a woman.