Subject: Re:: Greek Islands?
Hi Frances,

Joanna, from Athens sent me the websites below, before my trip to Crete in May. Hopefully, Joanna will answer your inquiry on the list but she is a computer engineer &very busy so she doesn't write often.

I absolutely loved Crete &will get out my journal &write some specifics if you're interested. I've been very lax in writing of my trips to the Zine. 8-( Bard may be right &Crete may have a rowdy reputation but I didn't see it but then I didn't stay in a big resort or a big city. I stayed in Sitia which is a small town in Eastern Crete. I stayed right on the beach in a house which had 4 or 5 rooms &apartments. The beach tavernas served delicious seafood &great, fresh Greek salads. The mountains were beautiful & wild with many, olive trees, lots of narrow, winding mountainous roads, little old men on donkeys, little old ladies in black, all very dignified, & of course, the blue, blue sea &many deserted beaches. There are Minoan ruins &monasteries throughout the island. I agree with Bard about not going in peak times. The airport in Heraklion was a zoo &it was only May. Busy season according to the waiters in the restaurant is August.

Hope this helps. I also took a cruise thro the Islands on different trip. Saw Santorini, Delos, Rhodes, Mykonos. I enjoyed staying on one island better. Below is Joanna's helpful hints.

Carol Bailey Madras, Oregon high desert country

> Hello dear Carol,
> I have just read your request about Crete the given answers.
> Crete is my favorite island, I every year go there for at least a week of
> holidays and I can suggest you some places I like a lot.

> I have started to find sites with the places I propose in Crete.

> First of all, there are sites like

> where you can find general information.

> In the site of the Ministry of Culture, choose each perfection to see the
> most important places with interest to visit:

> I'm starting with Hania (or Chania area), which the prefecture I adore.
> In Chania town I usually stay in Kydon, which is in the city center, when I
> go off-season (winter or autumn) and not summer.
> It's a 4 star hotel completely renovated the last 2 years and in the
> reception works a friend of mine.
> Here are some sites about that hotel.

> For the summer I prefer the hotel Halepa or the Casa Delfino or the Villa
> Andromeda.
> Have a look at their sites:
> Casa Delfino:
> Villa Andromeda :
> Halepa:

> While in Chania town, spend a day to visit the town (the old port, the
> museums, the venetian-style neighborhood, many interesting churches) and
> live the life of that wonderful place.
> Another day you must get up very-very early the morning (around 05.00),take
> a local bus at 5.30 and go to visit the Samaria gorge. It's the nicest
> gorge in Europe, which you have not to miss. It's around 8 hours of normal
> walking for traverse it The final destination is the sea, from where you
> are going by ship to Sfakia village and then by local bus, late the evening,
> back to Chania.
> A link for infos on Samaria gorge:

> Another place I strongly recommend (in case you have a car), where you can
> go and stay for 2-3 days, is the unique village Milia.
> It's a place you can find the absolute quietness and to live for a while in
> 19th century. Have a look at their site:
> I stayed there for 3 days and it was a unique experience, one of the best
> things I have done in my life.
> From Milia you can visit Elafonissi, Chrisoscalitissa Monastery, Topolia
> gorge and all the area around Kissamos (Kastelli or Castelli as Susie
> mentioned).
> Note that a car is requisite, because there is not a bus going to Milia (all
> the village is an hotel).

> >From Milia you can also visit Palaiochora and Sougia beach (which is close
> to Palaiochora - a wonderful plage).

> In Rethymnon prefecture, visit the town of Rethymnon, the Monastery of
> Arkadi and the Monastery of Preveli (it's not only the monastery, but the
> area around is so beautiful, with a forest of palms trees at the delta of a
> river!!!! Don't miss to swim there!!!!). Another visit is the village of
> Agia Galini (on the south).

> In Heraklion area, you can stay some days in a good hotel outside Heraklion
> and spend a day to visit the town and the most important museum of Crete:
> Archeological Museum of Heraklion , the third most important museum in
> Greece.
> Then you can go to Phaistos and Knossos - the two most important
> archeological places in Crete, the town-palaces of 2800 before Christ.
> Especially in Knossos, where the palace is reconstracted, you must spend at
> least 3-4 hours.
> Knossos:
> Phaistos:
> Knossos is 5-6 km away from Heraclion town.

> And the final part is Lassithi prefecture
> ( .I propose as a base the
> hotel Istron, one of my favorites in Crete
> ( From there visit the
> town Agios Nikolaos (it's wonderful late the evening), the villages Elounda
> and Plaka, the traditional village of Panagia Kera, the town of Sitia and
> the Toplou Monastery, Zakros, the palm-tree forest in Vai, the plateau of
> Lassithi with thousand of windmills.

> Are you arriving by plane? And when exactly?
> Our Easter that year is on 5 May, so the period until 12 May is a high
> season, which means that the prices are very high and the hotels are full.
> And in Crete the holidays period start at the end of April with visit of
> Scandinavian tourists, who come directly by charter flights.

> That's are my proposals.
> If you need some more specific information on a place, please let me know.

> Best Regards from Athens
> Joanna