Subject: Re: Another new Ziner /QE 2

> The main other question is clothing for QE2?? We don't want to take more than 1 small case each........

Hello Margot,

You will love TheTravelzine, and we all welcome you. Aussies are always welcome everywhere. They've always been my favorite new people to meet when traveling. You just all seem to have so much fun and extract the best of life, if one can generalize about such things. I still correspond with several couples from Oz that I've met on different trips, as far back as '84 in Greece.

I envy your QE 2 trip. When I went in late Oct. in '92, we were on a lower deck, inside, and still it was heavenly and the service just as impeccable as it will be for you. But how I'd love to do it your way.

Linda may advise otherwise since she is the Queen of the Rolling Carryon travelers, but I can't imagine how one bag can provide all you need for that time of year and the itinerary you are talking about. The Queen is more formal than any other cruise ship I've been on, especially in the Princess class, but what a treat!! Of course, your idea of black dressy slacks and variety of tops will work great, but they do take up space. (A long black skirt also is handy.) On deck you will definitely need sweaters and maybe more. Those plastic bags you can roll up to compress things are great for sweaters and bulky stuff that doesn't wrinkle, but they still take up space. They do rent tuxedos for the men on board, but it is quite expensive, I'm sure.

On our cruise, we hit a bad storm on the North Sea the first night out from Southampton. Not pleasant to be sure. Rough enough that at least half the passengers and crew had violent mal de mer. Being a nurse, you will understand about this. However, the Meds were prepared with an injection that let you sleep for a couple of hours and then protected you for four or five days. Worked great! I mention this negative only to say you need to be prepared for anything that time of the year. The shops on the ship are lovely and include such as Harrods, so everything is available if a bit pricey until the last day or so, when prices were cut. If you love walking about the deck in the evening as much as I do, you will definitely need a wrap that can go over evening clothes.

You will love every minute and they will be full with all that's available to you.

Happy travels, Lou in Lakeway, Texas