Subject: Re: The Myers / Moller rough itinerary Sept, Oct 2002.

I followed your itinerary with interest.

Its possible, but looks pretty hectic.

Please take the following with an open mind. I've been touring Europe both privately and for work for over 20 years. I'm happy to share my suffering with you.

I know you have travelled a long way and want to see everything, but I honestly think you will see more roads than anything else.

The specific bits I thought maybe needed reviewing were -

The alpine sections ......... can be quite slow to drive

No rest days

No allowance for jet lag

London 1 day ? is it worth the expense of crossing the channel for that ?

Lyon, Provence, Nice ......... 1 day ?

Amsterdam, Antwerp and Brussels need several days each.

I'd check this out with one of the mapping/routefinder sites to see how long and how far it is.

Whatever you decide .......

Bon voyage !

Peter Languedoc, France