Subject: Re: Re: The Myers / Moller rough itinerary Sept, Oct 2002.

I agree with Peter. I've been to Europe about 30 times &now tend to concentrate on one area when I take a trip...due to advancing age &lack of mobility. 8-) But I do think you might need to balance your itin between wanting to see everything &only seeing roads, as Peter says. You'll be able to 'see' places on your itin but not 'experience' them with those little special things like sitting &leisurely talking to people at the local hangout or wandering down some intriguing country or city road just to see what's there. Maybe this will be your initial trip to see where you want to come back to...on the next trip.

On Oct. 14-17 in the Bavarian Alps area of Germany...Munich, Augsburg, etc. your timing is ok. It's not a large area in distances to travel. I suggest visiting Oberammergau. While it is quite touristy it is still makes a statement for local Bavaria with woodcarvers &houses painted with Godly themes. It's all of Bavaria, a bit commercially done, but very appealing & authentic. Visiting the theatre where the Passion play has been performed for over 350 years (every ten years &2000 was the last time) is very interesting &there is a tour you can take backstage where there are many exhibits. The Wolf Hotel has very good Bavarian food..pork, venison, bread dumplings, my favorite soup-leberknodel soup-liver dumpling soup..strange but delicious! Linderhoff, one of King Ludwig's castle, is close by. A bit out of the way is Rothenburg ober der Tauber. It's a old walled city & worth a visit. It's probably a 3 hour drive(without getting out my maps) from Oberammergau. It's probably 2-3 hour drive from Frankfurt so could be easily visited. My very favorite city in Bavaria is Garmisch-Partenkirchen but the orchestra who play lovely outdoor concerts in the beautiful kurpark end their season at the end of Sept. The restaurant in the park has good typically Bavarian meals with nice fresh ingredients, priced at about $8-15 for a 3 course meal &you can sit on the patio &view the lovely flowers.

Good tripping! I'm sure you'll want to go back.

Carol Bailey Madras, OR high desert country