Subject: what size rental car

One car you might want to check out is a Renault Scenic, which is a small minivan. It's great for four passaengers -- each person gets his/her own seat (the back seat is actually two regular seats with a narrower seat in the middle, plus there are fold down trays in the back, sort of like in an airliner). I would think the four roll-ons should fit in the trunk, especially if they are soft-sided.

Someone mentioned a Ford Focus. Great car, but may be a bit tight for the luggage and four adults (plus assorted items). Why not check the car out at a local Ford dealer (the Focus sold in the US is almost exactly the same as the European model) and decide whether it's big enough. Also look at a VW Golf (the Jetta is sold in Europe as the Bora, but these are quite rare compared to the ubiquitous Golf and may not be available for rent). The Golf is pretty much the same in the US and Europe.

If you can afford it, a VW Passat would be great. Very comfortable. Peugeot 406 would also be fine.

Whatever you get, try to get a diesel: better mileage, cheaper fuel, and zippy acceleration. Diesel fuel (called gazoil or gazole in France) is available at virtually all service stations.

BTW, we rent cars for the weekends fairly often. We prefer Europcar. Not necessarily the cheapest, but best customer service.

Bonne route!

Bons voyages!

Evan in Paris

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