Subject: Rothenburg and Oberammergau
Hi Ziners: A couple of recent postings discuss these two towns. I would encourage travellers to visit both, if they are not too much out of the way. Bill and I still like Rothenburg and love strolling around the town, exploring whatever takes our fancy, and have not really found it overwhelmingly busy most of the time (it is delightful early in the morning and again in the evening, particularly; many groups go quickly in and out after a couple-hour stay midday)--wonderful buildings, gardens, walls to walk, and a fine view from the city hall tower. And Oberammergau is another delight---we have been there both at times of the Passion Play and at other times; it is always fascinating----just wander and explore; go in lovely churches, sit in cafes, photograph the wall paintings, see the Passion Play theatre, even buy a woodcarving (avoid the schlock). However, as the posting about Rothenburg said, there are lots of other marvelous, less busy, towns to visit also, so I probably would not drive a long way out of my way to get there.....but go if you are nearby. Whatever you do, enjoy at a relaxed pace...that's the key, I think.! Cheers, Pat in Baltimore