Subject: Re: Another new Ziner /QE 2
Hi Ziners from Aussie,

I'm loving TheTravelzine!! It's a most wonderful concept of co-operation!

Regarding the response to my last email from Lou from Texas - thank-you.

It's very appropriate that your QE2 cruise was in October. Apparently the ship has been refurbished fairly recently. I met a young man only last week who was a croupier on the QE2 for 6 months several years ago, just before the ship's makeover.

What weight of clothing should we consider for inside the ship? I gather it would be at comfortable temperature. Here on the Gold Coast I live in lightweight cotton pants in the summer, and jeans in the winter with not much in between. I do have some viscose/linen fabric I could make up in pants.

I talked with our Melbourne, Aust, travel agent friend the other day. When she went on the QE2 she said she took her beautiful suits and felt so over-dressed during the day that she put them away and bought a t-shirt and track-pants from the shop!! But she didn't say what level of accommodation she was in. My impression is that the evenings are quite dressy, especially in Princess, but daytime quite casual. What is your experience? Advice is that John can get away with a dark lounge suite, but in your experience do you think we should invest in the space and take his tux? I can't imagine that hiring from the ship will be in line with our budget.

Apart from storms in the North Sea (!!) I suppose the weather can be quite variable and we should be ready for anything. Thank you for that friendly warning! I have no idea if either of us is prone to seasickness. The only ships we've ever been on are the ferries between Sydney and Manly on the other side of the Sydney Harbour, about a 30 minute trip these days.

Thank you for the advice about the jumper - I have a couple of lightweight wool sweaters that wouldn't take up much room. I wear them over shirts and think this might be a good look. Seattle can be cool early November too, so we probably should be taking a warmish coat/jacket each.

I'm going to put out a further feeler for advice for clothing for 3 days in London, as that's now what it looks like we'll be doing. I will be spending at least 1-2 full days at St Marks Hospital observing.

We will also be asking for clues for accommodation. My contact at St Marks has sent some web addresses for London, but with the current exchange rate of GBP1=AUD2.70 we will be really looking for some budget prices! We will need to stay for 3 nights. St Marks is in the Harrow area and we can request a list of hostels to be mailed to us, so I think that's what I need to do.

Margot from Gold Coast, Australia.