Subject: Re: Re: The Myers / Moller rough itinerary Sept, Oct 2002.
Hello Michael from another Aussie,

I've been reading through the comments coming from the experienced Europeans trippers, regarding your rough plans. I thought this might help anyone who hasn't been to Australia to understand why we think like we do.

When I was growing up my dad delighted in hauling us around the countryside in a VW Kombi camper. What we mostly did was drive, and we kids just loved to stay ANYWHERE for more than one night. But the difference between here and Europe is that we can drive for 6 hours and not see a place you'd want to stop at!!

I remember once being on a flight out of Sydney into country Victoria in the south, with an American Colonel on R&R from service in Vietnam. We were both taking pictures out of the window. He could not believe that we'd been in the air for over an hour and were still in the same state. In US we'd have crossed over at least 5 state boundaries in that time!

So I guess it's all relative. But Michael, your plans look FANTASTIC. However it works out you'll be having a wonderful time!

Margot from Gold Coast, Australia.