Subject: Re: Charleston, South Carolina
Hi Ziners,

In my hunt for inexpensive accommodation for our trip I've found a website for Evergreen Club - Adventures in Hospitality website

For an annual fee you can become a member and stay in PRIVATE homes which offer B&B for $15 per night!! Seems unbelievable. The only catch is that you have to reciprocate a minimum of 3 time a year.

Have any Ziners had any experience or feedback about this company?

It certainly might solve our challenge to find very inexpensive accommodation in both London and New York City. Today our Aussie dollar is exchanging GBP1 for AUD2.70, and US1.00=AUD 1.75, which makes hunting to suit the budget a bit of a task!!

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Margot from Gold Coast, Australia.