Subject: Re: Another new Ziner from Aussi
Margot asked: --- because of our love for NYC we want to stay for a couple of nights before flying to Seattle. Same question - where can we stay on a shoestring budget of Aussie dollars?

Hi Margot,

I always find inexpensive hotels, occasionally with hilarious, but so far not disastrous results. My husband thinks I'm nutty and blames my Scottish genes, but I just can't spend large sums for a hotel room. Maybe it's related to my Europe on $10 a day experiences, but I date myself.

Anyway, I can recommend where we stayed last February in NYC. The hotel is on the Lower East Side, an old Jewish neighborhood now undergoing revitalization - many well-known sites and some great new restaurants. We visited the Bialystoker Synagogue, the Tenement Museum, Orchard and Delancey Streets, Katz's Delicatessen, and it all seemed so appropriate since we were in town to see The Producers. We also saw a well done and very funny G.B.Shaw play at the Bowery Theatre which is within walking distance of the hotel.

Off Soho Suites Hotel ( Nothing fancy, but spotlessly clean. We were with our adult kids, so booked 2 of their S2(sleeps 2)suites which share a bath and kitchen, but no sitting room and one bedroom was quite small. Their S4 suites have a bedroom, sitting area, kitchen and bath. They seem to offer Special Rates for each season and right now summer rates are $66 to $149 USD. $66 is probably for that small, twin-bedded S2 with shared bath and kitchen. has reviews of hotels, listed by neighborhood and price and you can link to their websites.

You might also try - bid within your budget for a good quality hotel and see what you get. Be aware that if they accept your bid, you're locked in.

I can also recommend 3 bistro-type restaurants, all walking distance from the Off Soho, casual, moderately priced, and great food.

The Tasting Room, 72 E.First Street, East Village

Prune, 54 E.First Street, East Village

71 Cinton Fresh Food, 71 Clinton Street, Lower East Side Very popular and somewhat more expensive, but well worth it. We reserved 1 month ahead. The owners have opened 2 other restaurants on the same street.

Alias at 76 Clinton and AKA Cafe at 49 Clinton.

The New York Times ( - you have to register but it's free) has reviews of all. Click on Dining on the sidebar and search by name or neighborhood.

Have a great trip! Charlotte in MA