Subject: Re: Where to stay in Llandudno or Conwy?
Hi Doug,

I can't help you with an inexpensive hotel but I have a lovely memory of Llandudno that I am moved to share. A couple years before my husband died we decided to spend Christmas in the UK. We spent a few nights in London, then took the train to Llandudno. It sounded like a good place to go. We asked a taxi driver to take us to the seashore &find us a good hotel. He stopped at the Chatsworth. It was a wonderful experience. There was a group of about 50-60 Britons there spending 4-5 days during the Christmas holidays &we were welcomed to join right in. We enjoyed tea dances, 3 gourmet meals a day were included in the price of about $90 a night, parlor games, sing-alongs. I was a beautiful, Victorian Christmas celebration. We also attended a church service down the street at the church (forgot its name) where they have a wonderful, huge carved wooden angel. What a great memory. We corresponded with one of the Welsh ladies for several years until she died. In fact, someone wrote us to tell us of her death. What lovely memories the name Llandudno bring back.

Carol Bailey Madras, OR high desert country