Subject: Re: More on China/Vietnam/Malaysia/Hong Kong
Hello Joan and anyone else with a hankering for China.

Mrs Zhou lives in Moon Hill village where her family farm. The road to the village is just out of town and someone will undoubtedly be able to point the way. She has become quite well known for picking up tourists in Yangshuo and taking them to her village by bicycle. She learned her English this way and didn't use to charge for her services, though that may have changed. We met up with her at the Paris Cafe where she seemed to be well known. Jasmine our tour operator made the arrangements, I will e mail her and ask if she can suggest a way to contact Mrs. Zhou (preferably in advance). If you rent a car and driver get him to take you to Yu Long Village, it is very pretty and if you manage to be there when the small children are in the school yard on one of their breaks, they will sing for you!

I am sure you will be able to arrange a trip on the river via your hotel but if you just wander down to the river bank, a short walk from most hotels and the Paradise Resort, you will get an idea of the type of boat you want to hire you will also meet fellow travellers who will be able to put you wise. Yangshuo is quite small and you won't have any trouble finding out what you need to know.

Don't miss the Cormorant fishing, take a boat from Yangshuo in the evening.

I will e mail you privately when I hear back from Jasmine and will send you some information I filed about the various sections of The Wall most accessible from Beijing.

You will find a number of photos of our ride out to Moon Hill Village and one inside the Zhou home on our website.

Regards Sue