Subject: Re: tour free time
Dear Joan,

I am a very individual traveller and where possible I like to avoid anything to do with organised groups where you have to follow the group to preplanned places and eat in restaurants which have been decided by the travel company. This takes away lot of the charm of exploring a different country. Having said this, sometimes you can not avoid going in an organised group and it is necessary to do so. I went to Mexico three years ago and the first week we had an organised tour of various cities, starting in Mexico City and ending in Puerto Vallarte. Without the assistance of an experienced tourguide we would have never seen as many things as we did.

As for your query, I like to have some time every day to wind down...I find it very tiring travelling in a group, having to take into account all different personalities and at the end of a day sightseeing it is nice to just have a few hours (preferably before dinner) to do what I want.

Hope this helps.


Bard Vos Arroyo de la Miel - Costa del Sol (Spain)