Subject: Re: Another new Ziner from Aussi
Finally something I have done before with great luck. (Sometimes those of us who are not quite as experienced travelers as the rest of the Ziners feel like we just take and never give back.) But if you are looking for cheap hotel rooms in NYC, I have done this twice with great good fortune so it should work for you. I know it's a almost a cliche but for hotels and rental cars it works. And especially for hotels in NYC. We have bid $75 for a 3 or 4 star hotel in the theater district and once we got a room that goes for $300 a night on the web at the Sheraton on Broadway and the other time we got a nice room at the Hilton that goes for pretty close to the same.

Ignore their warning about $75 being too cheap. You might get it, if you don't bid $25 higher. I fully realize that you don't know the hotel you are getting before you buy but we have had such good luck with their hotels and rental cars that I can't say enough good things. Mind you, I would never (AND I MEAN NEVER) book a flight with them because I am very picky about when I fly and with who but be sure to try them. It can't hurt. If you get to the point where you don't get anything for your budgeted dollars then you can try elsewhere but I would not go to the Big Apple without trying Priceline first.

Jim & Kathleen in Redmond, WA