Subject: Re: logo
Ok, after some encouragement by Don and Linda I want to volunteer my services as a graphic designer to take up Gail's call to (cover your) arms (and your head and your coffee cup and much more) by helping to put together a new Zine logo or updating the old one and getting it onto a variety of things.

First, being new to the group, I have no idea what the old one looked like. Can someone send me one or post a copy of someone wearing it?

Second, I would like to get a concensus of the group on whether you would like to see an updating, leave it the same and just get new stuff to put it on or a brand new design?

This is the start of a long process, so let's get going.

Jim in Redmond, WA

Gail wrote:
> My Zine logo T-shirt needs an update! Is there anyone in
> this clever & talented group who would be willing to design
> a Ziner logo for us? I'm imagining all kinds of Zinerware:
> logos for shirts &caps, coffee mugs, mouse pads..or
> even..fridge magnets.

> Wearing a Ziner cap to find each other at GTGs or in strange
> &wonderful places around the world sounds more effective
> than chalking Z on sidewalks, or leaving notes in the
> crooks of trees.