Subject: Re: logos
Hi Jim,

Thank you so much for volunteering for this project. Until now, whatever Zine logo shirts were around, were literally hand made by us, printed using a deskjet and ironed-on by hand. Unfortunately, after a few washings, the logos faded and are not very attractive. You can see the shirts pictured on some of the moderators on this page and on Gail here

As many of you already know, with the leadership and help of Johannes, the new Zine webmaster, all the moderators have been working on cleaning up the message archives in preparation for moving them to their new home, a Members Only area on our web site. Searching the archives for info will become much more effective, since the new search engine will be more efficient than the one we presently have at Yahoo.

This Members Only area, would present an opportunity to offer Zine logo merchandise via Cafe Press, which is used by many organizations for this purpose, since they handle everything once the logo is in their possession.

In discussing this with the moderators, they indicated an interest in various items that are offered by Cafe Press, including T-shirts, baseball caps, coffee mugs, baseball jerseys, ash grey T-shirts, tote bags and mousepads. When clicking on these items on the page above, the logo size required is indicated.

If you would be able to fiddle around with our logos and adapt them to these items, it would be awesome. Although Ziners will not receive the attachments, we have attached the logos which will go to you Jim.

Thank you again - we are very excited about this and looking forward to hearing what other item requests or suggestions Ziners might have on this subject.

Best, Don and Linda