Subject: Re: The Myers / Moller rough itinerary Sept, Oct 2002.
Hi Michael,

You wrote:
> Well our travel plans are coming together so
> I thought I would share our proposed itinerary
> and ask for any suggestions on places that we
> should visit and where the best places are to
> get cheap meals and tours in the areas.

We are impressed by your travel schedule. Markus, my 15 year old son said, after he had read it: impossible, except he is Crocodile Dundee! We really like that film and the great Australian nature, hope it was really filmed in Australia and you don't hate it! :-)

As an inhabitant of one of the countries you are visiting I'd like to give you a few suggestions for your great trip! Please let me add a few considerations as a former motorhome traveller in Germany (sorry for not answering directly to your restaurant questions; and you won't need any side trips, imho!):

Driving with a motorhome on German motorways will lead to an average speed of about 70 kph, about 45 mph because, as another Ziner wrote, you will drive most of the time on the right lane, which is the slower one. It would be helpful if you are two drivers, so one can rest while the other concentrates on the traffic!

To get from the motorway into a big city (and out again) add an extra hour of driving, because you will find many traffic lights and traffic jams which will stop you. And, in the end, as has been written before, it may be difficult to find a parking lot. This depends on the size of your motorhome. There are motorhomes that can use parking lots for cars, you will have little difficulties with such a smaller one. But the situation is different if you have a big one, size of a lorry.

In big cities you want to visit by the way consider of using the Park&Ride parking lots outside, if there are any, and enter the city by bus. These busses often have extra lanes on which they reach the center faster than any car.

You are probably planning to sleep in your motorhome. Please be aware that many cities don't like it or simply don't allow you to sleep in your motorhome somewhere in the cities! I'd suggest that you check how the cities where you are planning to sleep, handle this problem. I believe this is true for many European countries. Please tell me if you need any help in checking this out for German cities.

In a motorhome you have a water tank and a gas tank for heating. You will need both, because the Alps and Northwestern Europe can have quite cold weather in October. Now you should check where to get fresh gas and fresh water before you come to Europe. Otherwise you might spend a lot of time to find these facilities; you don't get that gas at petrol stations.

Consuming water and using the chemical toilet means: you produce waste. You are not allowed in Germany to let dirty water run out where you want. The same is true for the wastes of the chemical toilet. You should know in advance if there is a campground nearby where you can exchange water, get gas, clean your toilet.

Be aware that in the Alps first snow often falls in the beginning of October. If you plan to use streets above 1,000 m above sea level, this might really happen. Make sure when you rent the motorhome to tell your rental agency about it (you might need special tires or snow chains), or plan an alternative route which stays on the ground of the valleys. I don't say it is sure that it will be snowing, but believe me: it's not impossible that you wake up in the morning and everything around you is white!

Average driving speed in the Alps will often go down to 20 miles per hour, if you can't use the motorways. Some of the cols (?, street passage between high mountains) will be closed in October already.

A suggestion for October 16th could be a stay in Wuerzburg. It's at the end of the romatic road, has excellent franconian wine, great franconian frying sausages and some very nice buildings: Feste Marienberg, wooden sculpture by Tillmann Riemenschneider (you saw some of his works in Rothenburg), baroque Residenz by Balthasar Neumann, etc.

Hope you will have a great time!

Regards, Johannes, Haltern am See, Germany