Subject: Thanks! Italy Trip
I recently returned from a trip to Italy and thanks to a lot of tips I got from this group, I had a great time.

For example, I learned how to make reservations for the Uffizi in Florence. Our reservation was for around 9 am and the wait time was a good two hours without the reservation.

The only complaint I had about Italy was the Vatican Museum. We got there at opening and it was a MADHOUSE!! We went straight to the chapel and saw Michaelangelo's works without too much trouble. However the rest of the place was horrible. My suggestion would be something like the Uffizi and to throw out the guided tour groups. I have NEVER been so glad to get out of a museum!

We did not eat or stay in three star places, but all our food was good and the hotels clean.

Also, we rented a car and drove around Tusancy. I found driving in Tuscany a breeze compared to driving in my hometown of Nashville, TN!

Thanks for everything! My next big trip will be a tour of UK with a group of teenage girls. (Prayers are welcome! LOL!)