Subject: Re: tour free time

I'm with you! I can sleep at home but I don't want to miss a thing when it's V time. But I have traveled with some folks who can't move at my pace, so we agree before we go that I'm not going to stop &they've just got to drop off when it's necessary.

My experience is generally that the slower movers need a morning to themselves every 4 days.

I also believe that even the closest of friends/family need 1 day out of 7 apart from each other, &it's good to get agreement on that ahead of time too. Doesn't matter what everyone decides to do, just don't do it together. Too late on day 8 when everyone is snarling at each other!

My sister the shopper wants a shopping day about every 7 days &my sister the artist wants a day to herself at some funky art museum. Cool. Just don't make me shop, although I can putter at a museum very happily. We discuss it all ahead of the trip. The only time this has ever backfired for me is when I don't make my definition of FAST PACE really clear; by day 8 it becomes clear &the new travel companion has to be carried off the course to hospital &will never want to travel with me again. She just didn't recognize that lots of walking means 8-10 miles a day minimum in my lexicon. Ooops.

Gail In Eugene