Subject: Introduction - New member in California
Forwarded by moderator - Welcome, Janet !

Dear Fellow Travelers,

My husband and I started traveling in 1978 when we went to Europe for the first time and were married in Salzburg Austria. That was the first of many month long trips we took each year.

We've been to Brazil, Peru and Argentina in South America, trekked in Nepal twice, one 10 days and one 18 days long. Over the last several years we've made it to Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, several of the Hawaiian Islands, US Virgin Islands, and have been back to Europe several times.

Come September we are off to Salzburg for a few days then to Italy to visit the areas of Tucany and Umbria for the first time.

My husband is now retired and I'm working my second career as a Travel Agent(11 years now).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Janet Marin County California