Subject: Re: International walk listings...

Since you have been training for marathons, do you mean walks as in road races, or walks as in scenic?

I know, as a dedicated racewalker, that when I say walks, I mean good, hard 18-20 mile walks to keep my training regimen. I need to get in at least 30 miles/week just to keep up my fitness level; 25% of those miles need to be interval sprints. I could care less about the scenery (although it can be a bonus): I just want to get a few good 11min miles in on a decent route.

Scenic walking or hiking is altogether another kind of experience. Enjoyable, challenging, but in addition to a training regimen.

The charities you mentioned have their counterparts in Europe, I'm sure; I know I've stumbled on races &marathons all over Italy &roadraces of 10-15k would help keep your fitness level up. Here's a link to the Vienna Marathon site, &folks there may be able to refer you to other road race sites:

Gail In Eugene..