Subject: Re: Disappointing Destinations
I finally figured out that if my first look at a new place is dark/wet/cold/rainy, it's hard to like it as much as I expect to. Rainforest of course is exempted, as I will always love it, no matter how muddy/wet/cold.

My first look at Torino was in the midst of a nasty October rainsquall, Friday, 530pm, with the baby screaming in the back seat about her full pants, the map suddenly written in Swahili, the street signs mysteriously gone missing &the Torino Gran Prix apparently being run thru the center of the city. Let me outta here!

Three days later, back from some idyllic walks from Aosta, with the sun gilding that same Torino, I would have sworn it wasn't the same city. Where did those suicide drivers go? Who replaced all the street signs so quickly? And when did I learn to read Swahili?

So the deal is to figure out how to take another look, hopefully with both interior &exterior weather improved. Has worked for me every time.

Gail In Eugene but never for long