Subject: Re: Alaska/Seattle Anyone?
Hi there,

I know it's a way off, but... we'll be in Seattle for the first week in November. Our married daughter lives there and we'll be having time with them on the way home from our QE2 prize trip. It's now shaping up that we'll have 3 nights in London, UK, and 2 nights in NYC apart from our 6 nights on the Queen. Now that we're finally booked to sail on October 24th the excitement is starting to get to me.

Thanks to the Ziners who've contributed - with advice from experience. It's just a fabulous concept - and makes such interesting reading for all over. Only problem - I think you're contributing with some peer pressure to a lifetime addiction for world travel!!

So if there are any Ziners in Seattle early November we might be able to expand our cross-cultural awareness! (Mind you - anywhere in USA this couple of Aussies feel just right at home!)

Cheers, Margot from Gold Coast, Australia