Subject: Re: Great expectations
Hi all,

I love to read. Especially British authors. Consequently, I'd always wanted to go to England. I'd eat books about England while I dreamed. We started traveling late, after our kiddos were grown and gone. Started traveling for dog shows. But ... that elusive trip to England. I didn't think we'd ever really be brave enough to tackle anything overseas until our oldest son and wife planned their wedding in Scotland. What a delightful first trip to Europe.

England has so far not only lived up to, but has also exceeded our expectations. Love it. Significant other wanted to go to Paris, too, so after the wedding it was off to France. I didn't especially want to do Paris and I think I'll always feel a bit uncomfortable there as our French (even after listening to tapes over and over) seriously lacks, but Paris more than exceeded my expectations. Very special and so very different from London.

Two other places that have exceeded our expectations have been Yosemite and Cambria. Cambria (Hearst Castle is next door in San Simeon) is a lovely place to relax beside the Pacific and Yosemite never leaves your memory. We found it hauntingly beautiful.

Can't say we've been anywhere that really disappointed, and I hope I always say that! :-)

Happy traveling to all,