Subject: Re: Cheapest airfare from travel agent
Well. . would you like to know a secret about the websites vs. travel agents? Two of my 5 children work for which is also Avanti Destinations Wholesaler which is also the exclusive Eurorail wholesaler for the USA.

What this means is that your travel agent contacts Avanti to get it's Eurorail passes for you. They can not contact Europe for them. So the 'DEALS they get are dependent on their relationship with Avanti. This goes for your plane tickets as well.

Avanti has exclusives with American Airlines and Other partner airlines. (I'm not sure which ones) So if your flight is to go on an airline that is not on thier list then your travel agent has to contact a different wholesaler.

When you go on the websites, those websites have only certain airlines they can go to for rates, so you are limiting yourself to what they can provide. So my advice is to shop and don't stop. Use your Travel agent, they do have the contacts with many wholesalers, but also know that the internet is still worth shopping. Especially if you are flexible.

My husband and I have done our own travel arrangements for our european flights and found extremely good deals better than our daughters can provide for us. We prefer surfing the web and we do it consistantly and often. But we have our ticketing done through Avanti. Then we have an actual person to work with.