Subject: Re: Disappointing Destinations
Ahhhh, I like that E, DNM, M, FE designations. Weather would not cause me to judge a destination unless there was a monsoon. Coming from the Portland area of Oregon, I drip dry, I know how to look for the beauty when covered with liquid sunshine. ha ha

I would put on my list of DNM (did not meet) Winnamucca Nevada. I feel the best view of this city is in the rear view mirror. 7 casinos, 3 gas stations and one grocery store does not make a vacation. Why did we go? It was a hot air balloon rally and we were the only entertainment that didn't fit in a slot machine.

FE (far exceeds) list has Munich and Bavaria country. Might have something to do with the countryside looking like Oregon (home) with the added bonus of good beer and beautiful castles.

E (Exceeds) list has Fribourg Switzerland. Looks like Oregon again and is clean, but Ouch on the wallet.

Mary Oregon