Subject: marking your Z trail
Gail, I love the idea of marking your trail. It reminds me of something my family did when I was young. We did a lot of car trips in California during the 60's. We would judge (inspect) bathrooms. We took a chapstick and wrote on the mirror Inspected by a Tommy (tommy is my maiden name) and would put a 4 leaf clover if the bathroom was good and clean, a skull and crossbones if it was dirty and bad. Thumbs up meant it met expectations.

You would find these from gas stations to hotels, to museums and roadside attractions.

I remember specifially doing this to the Madonna Inn Shell Gas Station bathroom in Paso Robles, California. That place was sooooo cool as a kid. It was one of the first places we saw the electric eye (beam) used to start the waterflow out of the rocks into the sink.

Now I will have to get some chalk to start my trail marking in europe! Mary Oregon (canby)