Subject: Travel planning question
Hello all, Since I am not really happy unless I am planning a trip, it is time to start thinking about the options. There are also two possible time periods. The first is late March when we would have about 10 days and when I assume air fares would be lower. The second is late May early June when we could carve out a bit more time. There is a slim possibility that we could make both trips. I have narrowed the destinations down to two general areas.

The first is France - not necessarily Paris. We have never been to France so it would be a completely new experience. Our language skills are non-existent in French though I am sure we could learn a few polite phrases before we went. It looks as if France is well suited to our travel style which is to rent a car and explore. We try to base ourselves for a couple of nights in one area and often reserve a room ahead. It would seem that we would need to narrow France down into a smaller area since we would rather explore one place thoroughly rather than zip from place to place. We enjoy good but reasonably priced food, history and museums, architecture, anything to do with machinery, and art to a small extent.

The second alternative is northern Italy. We love Italy and have been several times. Our Italian is not good but it is certainly better than our French. We have a certain comfort level in Italy since we know how things work - or don't. I already probably have more things in mind in this area than we could possibly do.

I know that Ziners have spent lots of time in both places so I value your advice. I will be scouring the archives for past messages but would appreciate your advice and input.

Thanks! Janet Riverview, FL