Subject: Re: Travel planning question
Hi Janet,

what I can't decide is whether you want to go to a place you know to some extent (Italy) or not at all (France) - I think that depends more on psychology than on travel experience.... ;-)

But concerning overnight stays I could recommend a French kind of B&B, they call it Chambre d'hote. Last year in autumn I made a whole Tour de France round the country - in nearly four weeks I must admit and alone, which makes things much easier. I stayed in small hotels and in those Chambres d'hotes - the latter were much better and I could perhaps recommend the best I've found - just have to look up the adresses. I'm afraid I didn't have the time yet to write down a real travelogue but if there are special questions, don't hesitate to ask.


btw - if someone knows an equivalent to this kind of accomodation (B&B) in Italy or Spain - that's what I'm searching for the future...