Subject: Re: Planning a trip to Switzerland
--- John, Switzerland!! You will enjoy this I know. We have family there and visit often. One thing I would say about the train pass. Watch which train companies it is for. There are so many in Switzerland and some of the fun touristy little trains are not included. Can I suggest 1/2 day in Chateau D'Oex (pronounced Day). this is where the Round the World hot air balloon 1st successful trip was launched from. The village takes pride in this and has a beautiful piece of art in the middle of a round-about on the main road in and a small museum. There is also a wonderful resturant that has a Cheese making demonstration with traditional tools. When we watched it the cheesemasters wore traditional garb. It was fasinating. It also helped to know that our grandfather was a cheese master for a near by village and we were seeing how he made cheese back then.

Take the open train from here into Bulle it is very nice and cosy.

Enjoy Mary Oregon