Subject: Re: Expectations, disappointments
I like classifying the experiences!

In Italy, Venice exceeded my expectations. I was prepared to be disappointed - I didn't think that reality could match up with my and its cinematic image of the city (Hepburn, Death in Venice, etc). But it did! It was magical when you left the main streets.

Far exceeded my expectations - Pisa! I thought it would be kitschy. But when we entered the walled area, the green lawns and sparkling white buildings took my breath away. I was pleased that I was able to spend some quiet time in the Campo Santo contemplating a marvelous fresco.

The history of Paris museum, Carnavalet, in the Marais far exceeded my expectations. There were some wonderful rooms of furniture including an Art Deco jewelry store. And it is free! In Paris too, Sainte-Chapelle exceeded my expectations and far exceeded my husband's. This should be on every visitors' short list.

Frances Toronto, Canada