Subject: Introduction - New Member in L.A.
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Lidia!

Hello Travelzine!

I have traveled all my life (at least since I was 2 years old). I grew up in 10 different countries and visited, thanks to my father's adventurous and inquisitive mind, many more. As a result I inherited his passion to explore different cultures. My favorite place is an airport where I know my journey begins and where I know my journey will not end thanks to memories I bring back.

It has been about three years that, due to many situations, I have not been able to travel as far and frequently as I would love. Recently, my boyfriend presented me with a trip to Paris and I am all set to go! I was reminded how much I miss my travels, how important it is for my psyche to be able to inmerse myself in another country. We are leaving on July 29 and will be there 10 days.

Searching for information I came across your group and thought it would be fun to be able to share thoughts and tips on my travels as well as to enrich myself with knowledge others may have acquired on theirs.

Lidia in Los Angeles