Subject: Re: WAS ZINE Planning a trip to Switzerland
Hello John and Connie,

How I envy your trip to Switzerland. IMHO, no one should go to Switzerland and not go to Zermatt. Although commercialized, as all the wonderful places seem to be, it's a charming little village with no cars allowed, and you are face to face with the Matterhorn. That's reason enough. Also, from there you easily take the train up to Gornergrat, from where you are looking at all the glaciers. It has been very cold and icy every time I've been there (no matter the time of year), so be prepared if you go. Some people walk down, but that's always been a bit too adventuresome for me. There are several log buildings at the far end of the main street from the train station (near the small Catholic Church) that are over 800 years old -- very interesting -- shops when we were there, and run by a descendant of the original builder. We had snow right after arriving in Zermatt the last time, on the 6th of September, so be prepared for anything.

I would heartily recommend going to the top of Mt. Stanserhorn, not just for the views, but to hear the symphony of cowbells coming up from the lower areas. We were told that each dairy herdsman has a certain note to his cowbells and can tell his cows from the pitch of the bells. Is that myth? Could be, but the combined sounds when you are above is heavenly

Also, we stayed once in Engelberg, a small, old village up the mountain, not far from Lucerne, and really loved it. We spent the better part of a day just walking around and exploring it, and found the people very friendly, as they are all over Switzerland.

The country is small enough that almost any of it is accessible for day trips, but many places you will lose your heart and have to go back some day for it.

Happy travels,

Lou (Lakeway, TX)