Subject: Planes and pets
Hi Ziners,

Though I realize that pet-ownership is not exactly compatible with extensive travel, I'm thinking that some of you may have taken your pets with you on recent plane trips.

A few years ago we bought a Sherpa pet carrier for our smallish (bichon) dog. We were able to take her in the cabin with us, no extra charge, no hassle, win-win all around.

A neighbor would like to borrow the Sherpa for the family's new dog. However, the airline they're using wants to charge $75/trip--this is more than the passenger ticket! (one hour flight from here to Los Angeles). She also told me that dogs can no longer be carried in the plane's baggage compartment (if this is true, I'm glad--as it never seemed safe to me). But she and I both thought the $75/trip charge was outrageous, especially as the dog would be the only carry-on item.

Does anyone know anything about this?


JoAnne, in California (halfway between San Francisco and San Jose)