Subject: RE: Planes and pets
Hi, JoAnne -

Each airline charges a different fee for an accompanying pet, whether it travels in the cabin or in cargo. In fact, I've never heard of a pet travelling for free.

You can read about Airlines and Pet Policies at This page includes the fee that individual airlines charge. The minimum is $50 U.S., although most are higher.

Three years ago when we flew from Italy to Canada and later from Canada to Mexico, our 15-yr-old cat travelled with us. Although she travelled in the cabin, we still had to pay for her: something like $130 Canadian for the flight from Rome to Montreal (through Paris). And later almost that much for the flight to Mexico.

We now have 3 cats (we lost the other one last year), and will be bringing them back to Canada when we leave here next week. Mexicana Airlines charges $60 U.S. per cat, whether the cat travels in cargo or in the cabin (ours will be in cargo).

Here are some other sites about travelling with a pet which might interest your neighbour: (Air Transport Association) (US Dept. of Agriculture)

Laurie in Mexico City (formerly from Rome)