Subject: Re: Sweden suggestions needed
Hi Pat,

just a few ideas...

First of all you'd have to think about where to stay at night. Sweden has its problems ;-) Hotels are very expensive (imho), B&Bs almost non-existent (at least last time I tried), camping works fine (if you have a tent e.g.) or you could use the small huts on the campgrounds (which is quite ok, prices vary much).

I've looked at the map and your start and end point of the tour are not far from each other. So I'd suggest to make a kind of a round tour thru inner Sweden. Central country for the Swedish is the area round the Siljan lake (there they make e.g. those small colourful horses, you would have nature and a bit of cultural sightseeing, too). In Smaland, central south, I'd recommend the elkshop, where you're sure to find some elks (ok, not free, but in a large fenced area) - otherwise you might not see them for weeks - and you can buy those famous elk street signs ;-) ( This is also the area of glassmaking, you can find a paper mill and several sites of Astrid Lindgren, Bullerbue, Loenneberga, a children's fun park...

Oh, and if you've kids with you - or you like it yourself - there is the famous village of Grenaa at the eastern shore of the Vaettern (or Vaenern? not sure at the moment) where they make that sugar type of candy (e.g. the sticks the Americans like as Christmas deco). You can watch the making in several shops.