Subject: Re: Planning a trip to Switzerland
Hi John,

<< 1) Do you have suggestions for our day trips out of Lucern? We both love beautiful mountain scenery and lovely old villages.>>

The classical one is the ride onto the Pilatus (or the walk up there - 5 hours).

<< 3) We both have a good pair of walking shoes; will we need to buy hiking boots? >>

Well - I don't know your walking shoes... But I'm glad I have some good hiking shoes (Goretex btw, much softer and less heavier than leather). Important for me is that they have a thick sole (I don't want to feel every little stone) and go above my ankles. Some people like to use walking sticks btw.

<< 4) We thought that we'd get a two week Swiss Pass to take care of all our transportation. Is that a good idea? >>

That will depend on where you want to make your tours and how many trips you'd need. So if you have your list that will be easier to decide.

<< 6) What's the weather like in September? and how should we dress for it? >>

Depending on where you are. Anything from warm summer days (e.g. in Lucerne) to snow in the mountains. Generally I'd recommend good outdoor clothing for your walks (as always) and a kind of clothing we call onion tactic in German (don't know if you have a similar word in English): things you can use either one by one or together wearing one above the other.