Subject: Was: tour free time/Shopping
Hello Megan and other Ziners,

>> Shopping is something else I do when I travel (not for clothes though - I hate doing that anywhere in the world!) - I love my souvenirs and they give me countless wonderful memories when I bring them home and give them pride of place. Some people see it as a waste of time but it helps make my trip - as long as I don't have a situation where I fail to find my must-have item!<<

Your comment about shopping brought to mind some of my little finds that have been such pleasures for me or my grandchildren or friends, and that kind of shopping (when there is time for it) is an important part of travel for me. Each item I've saved for myself evokes such happy recollections: A small cloissone tea pot from a very special antiques shop in Singapore, antique Chinese coins from the various dynasties back through the years, carved jade pieces bought in little street markets in China (that I later had gold fittings added to so I can wear them on necklaces), a small panda from the Beijing Zoo (for my grandson, now 20 -- he still has it). A beautiful chambered nautilus shell bought at a night market in Bali. Yes, I even love my very small framed Eidelweiss from my first trip to Switzerland in '82, and I've kept a very ornate caftan from Morocco since the 70's that has only been worn on a few occasions (with a Balinese headpiece) for costume parties at Halloween.

And I've had lingering regrets about things I really wanted to buy and came home without -- like a lavender jade ring (first trip to Hong Kong). Now my regrets are more basic. I'm mentally beating myself for coming home from France last month without Reblochon cheese to make Tartiflette. Alas, I shall have to return!!!!!

I hope all of you have succumbed to the urge to shop, at least enough to have little memories in your shelves or drawers that make you smile and recall a wonderful journey.

Bon voyage every time,

Lou (TX)