Subject: Newark/NYC Hotels
Fellow Travelers,

I need some assistance since I hate to admit it, but I am spatially challenged in the NYC area. Keep $$$ in mind as you think about this. We are living on a Hungarian salary.

We need to find a hotel that is accessible from Newark airport via shuttle or bus. We will leave our luggage at the hotel. The first thing the next morning, we need to get from the hotel into the city for our red carpet treatment at the Hungarian embassy (insert hilarious laughter here, while I shed a tear).
>From the consulate, we need to get back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and get back to Newark airport to fly to Iowa.

PLEASE suggest names of hotels, hotel chains, something with which to search the net for reservations. I have no clues about East this or West that and I am numerically dyslexic, so lets make it simple.

If you could possibly e-mail me directly, it would be appreciated.

Ryan James drjames@.... Budapest