Subject: RE: Planes and pets

I'm amazed you had no charge for your pet in cabin!

But standard is these days for a charge, whether an in-cabin pet (only one allowed per cabin, BTW) or a cargo pet.

Some airlines won't take pets at all, in cabin or in cargo.

Many airlines have embargoes on pets in cargo during the summer months due to heat in the cargo bays.

I recall one of my first in-cabin pet reservations some 20 years ago, on an itinerary with a change in one direction, nonstop in the other. I informed the owner that the charge would be $45, or $15 per leg. He said his cat had four legs, so shouldn't it be $60. Oh dear. Using industry jargon with customers isn't wise: we call a flown segment a leg; of course, pet owners refer to pet anatomy with the same designation!

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