Subject: Re: Shopping for souvenirs
Hi Ziners,

I love this theme &want to share my souvenir shopping. I really hate to home...when my husband was alive he even did the grocery shopping. But when I'm on my travels, shopping for souvenirs is another story. Such fun to find something that will remind me of a favorite place, something really unique. I always wear 2 different, non-matching earrings. It started back when I was teaching school. Kids always loved to see what I was wearing...& if one of a pair is lost, it doesn't matter. 8-) Today, my little joke, I have an Egyptian cat on the left ear, purchased at the British museum as a charm, then put on a earwire. On the other ear is a crystal Swarovski bird on a perch purchsed in Garmisch, DE. Don't think that cat will ever catch that bird....unless I turn my head quickly! I have roosters from Portugal, several Greek charms from Crete &Santorini, an Irish harp &a claddagh, Cleopatra's cartouche, a horse from Chincoteague Island, an old shield from Wales, a moonstone goddess from Avebury, UK, a deer tale from Germany, etc., etc., etc. I display all my treasures on a wire jewelry rack on a wall in my bedroom. It's such fun to choose my adornments for the day &remember the places they came from &how I acquired them. A constant reminder of my travels. Yes, one set of earrings I never wear....a coral &blue stone earrings purchased in a lovely shop in Oia, Santorini..nice memories but the earrings are sooooo ugly! But it's fun to look at them

Carol Bailey Madras, OR high desert country....burning up with wild fires this summer