Subject: French Travel Costs
Hi James,

You stated:
> One of the amazing things we've found about
> France is that it is cheaper for us to travel
> within that country than it is Downunder.

I have to strongly disagree with you on this aspect of your recent email.

My wife and I spent 6 to 7 weeks driving through the south of France, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but found the cost of food, petrol and accommodation on the high side. For instance to fill a small car cost, in 1999, over 300francs, ($100NZ) whereas, in New Zealand, the same cost approx. $30NZ. We found the cost of food, in reasonable restaurants, particularly expensive. We had a good deal through Peugeot, but car rentals can be found cheaper, in New Zealand, if you search around.

Having said all that, we would return in a heart beat, given the opportunity. We are visiting England, this year, and that will be expensive, given the current exchange rates.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield(New Zealand)