Subject: Re: Disappointing Destinations
Oh I am sooooo sorry, Barb, *smile* I did not mean to imply your birthplace was boring.

When we do Hot Air Balloon rallies we find ourselves going from inner city launch sites to country area landings. So I got to see more of that landscape than I wanted to. My husband is the pilot (in the balloon) and I am the Crew Chief (on the ground in the vehicle chasing) Winnemucca has the distinct honor (?) of being the longest and most difficult chase I have ever had to retrieve my husband. There aren't many roads out there in the desert of Neveda. And what areas I could get to were restriced because of ????? secret property owners (govermental, indian, cyanide plants,working gold mines, etc). 4 hours later and 54 miles of sand, silicon, brambles and mad cows, I got him back to the hotel. And that was just one of the flights.

Enough of that. . Where ever I go. . I have an adventure. Mary

> Barb, born in Winnemucca Nevada

> Mary wrote:
> >I would put on my list of DNM (did not meet) Winnamucca Nevada.