Subject: Planning a trip to Switzerland
Dear John,

I live near Zrich and try to give you some info.

1) Do you have suggestions for our day trips out of Lucern? We both love beautiful mountain scenery and lovely old villages. *** Mount Pilatus; one day by boat on Lake Lucerne seeing villages and mountains; Engelberg - mountain village; Rtli meadow where Switzerland was founded in 1291; trip up to Rigi mountain; visit any village on the shore of Lake Lucerne; Emmental - where the famous cheese comes from; Bern, the capital etc etc.

2) Do you have suggestions for our hikes in the Alps? Any glaciers, peaks, waterfalls, or vistas that you have fallen in love with? ***Mrren: walk down from Schilthorn is not hard, normal shoes are ok, and the view to Jungfrau, M#nch and Eiger is great; Grindelwald has interesting walks to glaciers and lakes; from Schynige Platte I found the view to the mountains the best, and there are great hiking routes there with view down to Lake Brienz. Else I would recommend to visit Brienz, a very picturesque old village with wooden houses and red flowers at the lake with green water.
>From there you can take a boat to the opposite side of the lake to a waterfall (Giessbachfall) and you can stand behind the waterfall and look out to the lake. Kleine Scheidegg: you can walk down to Wengen.

3) We both have a good pair of walking shoes; will we need to buy hiking boots? We do not plan to do any mountain climbing, just walking and hiking. *** I always walk in normal sports shoes and have had no problems, even steep hills with 800m difference in height...

Please feel free to ask for any more information.

best regards

Tarja Zrich / Wallisellen