Subject: Planning a trip to Switzerland
Hello Ziners

Lou wrote: IMHO, no one should go to Switzerland and not go to Zermatt. Although commercialized, as all the wonderful places seem to be, it's a charming little village with no cars allowed, and you are face to face with the Matterhorn. That's reason enough. Also, from there you easily take the train up to Gornergrat, from where you are looking at all the glaciers.

**** I agree that Zermatt is a charming place but I would also recommend Gr#chen. Matterhorn is unfortunately not seen every day. I was once 3 days in Zermatt and saw it for 10 minutes only! Please note that Zermatt is quite far from Mrren. You'd have to go to Spiez and from there by train. It takes 4 hours minimum one way to travel.

best regards

Tarja Wallisellen