Subject: Re: Shopping for Souvenirs
A friend told me about something she buys when away and i liked the idea so much that i do it now too. Tea Towels. But i use them. Like her, when i use them to dry the dishes i can transport back to the place i was when i bought it. They're not expensive and they pack well! I buy postcards too for my collection and to add to the many many photographs i take which are also my souvenirs and memories. I also like fridge magnets and have at least one from every place i've been.

This past april i visited Ireland and actually bought quite a lot for myself. MOre than usual anyway. My credit card took a beating i tell you. I bought a Waterford Crystal thatch cottage from their Lismore collection, Royal Tara salt and pepper shakers, a Royal Tara china coffee mug, two long linen and lace table runners, some small ceramic cottages, Aran knit gloves, a lovely wooly Killarney Red plaid scarf, 3 or 4 pairs of earrings. And socks. That's another souvenir i started buying recently. Sometimes gaudy like the dancing Irish Sheep, or the Guinness socks, sometimes sedate, plain black with little shamrock on the ankle. The usual, postcards, fridge magnets and teatowels of course.

I sometimes buy clothing if i see something i like that is a bit different from the stores at home. Last fall in London i bought a wonderful pair of Ecco boots on Oxford street and have walked miles in them. My feet thanked me :)

I don't always go with the intention of buying anything specific, but something usually does take my fancy by chance. Like the china i bought in Stoke. Or the ring i bought at an antique market in Dublin. Or the one i bought in a market stall on Grafton Street, Dublin.

I always leave room in my case or bring a fold up carry on because, as my mother pointed out, one is *obligated* to shop :))))

Diane Johnston