Subject: Re: Planning a trip to Switzerland
Hi John,

I want to second Megan's suggestions for a walk in the Schynige Platte, in the Interlaken area. The views are awsome.

Also (in the same area), out of all the Michelin-rated, three- star, Worth a Journey sites that we've visited in Europe, none was, for us, more spectacular than TrummelBach Falls. As I remember it, all of the water that drains from the north-west side of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau massif comes down this series of waterfalls. Just spectacular!

We took the rack-railway up to the Jungfraujoch. It was a long, uncomfortable, expensive train trip, but the views were incredible and the vistas from the top breath-taking. We were lucky - we had a clear day. If you're unlucky and wind up in a thick cloud it could be very disappointing.

We used the Michelin Green Guide for Switzerland and found it very helpful.

(If you're thinking of going that way, just for fun rent the old Clint Eastwood movie The Eiger Sanction. It's pretty dated but it's a hoot.)

Have a great time,

Al Sonoma, CA, USA