Subject: Was: tour free time/Shopping
Hi Ziners and especially Lou,

Two things I didn't buy on an earlier trip to Morocco--and I had regrets BIG TIME about--were a beautiful ceramic bowl decorated with magnificent caligraphy in Safi and an elegant caftan in the gift shop of the American Legation in Tangier. On ny recent tour to Morocco I got the bowl or equivalent in Safi and carried it home in my lab, but didn't get to Tangier. Since Tangier was our first stop on a previous trip, I figured I'd see many more as the days went by, perhaps even at a better price. Sadly, I never did. I'm wondering, Lou, if that ornate caftan you mentioned that gets airing on an occasional Halloween is the one I dream about :-) !!

Moral? Buy it if you like it! I never learn.

Joan Peterson