Subject: Travel questions re France

The weather in late May and early June in the south of France should be warm and sunny. The weather in the north of France is very changeable, however. It should be warmer in May, but not necessarily sunnier, than in March. Spring in the north of France (and I mean in Paris) tends to be very rainy and gloomy (it certainly was this past spring). But March is rarely very cold, tending to be in the 40s and 50s. Bring an umbrella and a light coat and you'll be fine. On the whole, if weather is your main concern, late May and June are probably better (especially if you want to relax on a Riviera beach).

As for crowds: they will be far sparser in March. By late May, the tourist season is well underway. So if you want to avoid other tourists, March wins the vote.

I'll have to leave it up to you how much time to spend. It depends on what you want to do. (Lots of travelling, 16 days would be better; a more sedentary trip, then 10 days might suffice.)

By the way, a trip in March will be cheaper -- air fares are lower, as are hotel room rates.

Whatever time of the year you come to France, I'm sure you'll love it.

Bons voyages!

Evan in Paris